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Power The Super Dog is a fun and exciting hip-hop rhyming book created to help you bond with your child! While helping them love and accept people of all walks of life. Little Bella is visually imparied. She has to see with her heart ! God loves her so much that he sent her a Dog named Power who helps transform her life and make her heart smile.
But that's not it! Power the Super Dog is a hip-hop dog who can rap! So jump in! Rap the book with your child! Kids love music & words that rhyme. Re-read the book until your kids can rhyme the song with a beat just like a hip-hop song! Let's use technology to bring families together, share laughs, plus good vibes. Children that are exposed to reading at a young age are far likely to excel in life and are happier!

Additionally, the book was written to teach kids how to love and accept all people regardless of disabilities.


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